Apply for a Personal Loan and get cleared on ITC.

With Tancol Consultants you can be assured that your personal loan requirements
are dealt with easily and efficiently.

Struggling to pay your debt? Let us consolidate your debt.

Same-day answer. Blacklisted clients welcome.

We take the hassle out of making your dreams a reality with quick and simple loan applications. We’ll find the best possible solution for you with a recognised financial service provider.

Tancol Consultants Loan’s Services Include:

  • Easy Personal Cash Loans
  • Personal Cash Loans while Blacklisted
  • Quick Personal Cash Loans
  • Small Personal Cash Loans
  • Same Day Personal Cash Loans
  • Vehicle finance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Blacklisted clients welcome
  • Vehicle finance (vehicles up to 20 years and R120 000)
  • Loans up to R120 000
  • Online application

From Our Bloggers

Personal Loans

Apply Today For some of us money is like water slipping through our fingers. As soon as we get paid at the end of the month we pay our debt, pay our bills and buy our groceries. Sometimes, if we’re careful with our money, we get to spoil ourselves. But that happens...

Start a business

With the economy the way it is today, we’re all grateful for our jobs. Having a job means security. It gives you confidence. Know what else gives you confidence? Money in the bank. So if you have a sure thing, are you prepared to risk and/or sacrifice for something...

Hospital Cover vs Medical Aid

Bad things happen to other people. We don’t consciously think that way, but nobody really expects their health to deteriorate. No one knows if they’re going to be in an accident next week, or if they’re going to be chronically ill next month. We are healthy today, why...

Debt Review in South Africa

Debt review is a process introduced in 2007 by the National Credit Act and is aimed largely at South African consumers who are over indebted and struggling to manage their finances. Essentially, it’s a debt rehabilitation programme where a debt counsellor assesses...

Surviving on an Entry-Level Salary

Starting your first real job is exciting. What’s even better? Getting your first salary. But before you start getting ready for that shopping spree, pay your bills. Buy your groceries. Still have money left? No? Well, never mind then. Living on an entry level salary...

Why Should I Have a Personal Budget?

Personal budgeting is the most effective way of managing your money. However, most people avoid doing it because it’s like additional work, something you don’t really need to do. Also, you could be doing something fun right? What budgeting actually does is show you...