Starting your first real job is exciting. What’s even better? Getting your first salary. But before you start getting ready for that shopping spree, pay your bills. Buy your groceries. Still have money left? No? Well, never mind then.

Living on an entry level salary is hard. Saving is an option, but is it a viable option? Yes. Yes, it is. Now, just hear me out people. There is this phenomenon called budgeting. Yes, I said it, no need for dramatics people. Calm down. The best way to save your money is to know where it’s going, where it should go, and how you can stretch it.

Planning your personal finances can only benefit you in the long run. The cost of living is high, so, we need to be pro-active. Divide your money, subtract your necessities from your income. Look for bargains, keep your eyes and ears open. In short, never stop looking. Take lunch to work, you don’t really need to buy lunch every day, do you? Saving money doesn’t mean you need to become a recluse. Go out, socialise. It’s happy hour somewhere. Having fun does not need to be a distant memory. There are so many things you can do without spending half your salary. Also, going to the beach is fun. It’s also free. What about dinner at your parents or friends’ house? Show them you love them. As much as possible.

For those people considering personal loans, this is just my personal opinion, don’t do it. Barring a dire emergency, a very dire emergency, try looking for other options.

Also, in the beautiful age of technology, we have an app for everything. Yes everybody, we do indeed have an app for managing our money. Apps like or BillGuard are absolutely free.